As we age our faces change. The most notable feature is a gradual decrease in facial volume and skin quality, due to a loss of subcutaneous fat and decreased production of collagen and skin cell turnover. At Regenerative we use iPRF/ stem cells to stimulate collagen production and cell turnover in your own skin, and to over time regenerate volume loss aided by fibrin. The results look very natural.

As we only use your own blood to produce the iPRF concentrate, the treatments are very safe. There are no additives to the blood and no risk of an allergic or negative reaction to the product.

What happens during a regenerative treatment?

• Firstly dead skin cells and fine surface hair are precision removed in a process called a “dermal shave” This is performed using a surgical scalpel blade by a skilled clinician. This is by far the most effective and gentle way of performing a dermal shave. It leaves the skin extremely smooth and more porous to absorb the stem cell concentrate.
• Secondly, after the blood has been collected and separated, the volume loss areas of the cheek area are injected with the fibrin-stem cell –plasma (iPRF). These injections to the cheek area are done from inside the mouth, to avoid bruising.
• Thirdly, fine lines on the skin surface are directly injected and filled with the fibrin stem cell plasma using a very fine short special needle. This is called “mesotherapy” and is very effective.
• Finally the skin is “brushed” using a Dermapen that causes tiny micro-fine short puncture wounds over the whole of the derma-shaved skin. This both mechanically stimulates the skin’s renewal process and allows absorption of the plasma – stem cell serum.



In some cases, in order to achieve optimal results with the Regenerative treatment, we recommend some specific muscle relaxant injections to weaken the dynamic wrinkles caused by facial expressions. This allows the IPRF to be more effective. iPRF is very effective for static wrinkles. The repetition of Regenerative treatments significantly diminishes the need for Botox in dynamic lines.

Regenerative AquaGold Treatment

Aqua Gold is a special device, personally ordered for each patient. It consists of 20 gold-plated surgical steel needles that penetrate 0.6mm into the skin delivering bioactive compounds directly into the dermis. At Regenerative we tailor make a PRF (Platelet Rich Fibrin/ stemcell/ plasma/ growth factor) cocktail – possibly with the addition of a micro amount of neuro-modulator and or vitamins for each patient – because each patient has different needs.

We do not use any fillers or hyaluronic acid in the Regenerative AquaGold treatment. Each of the hollow 20 needles in the AquaGold device is very small, even thinner than a human hair (0.13mm wide). Topical numbing is usually unnecessary. Mild erythema, or redness, is seen immediately following the procedure and will typically resolve within twelve to twenty four hours. Makeup and normal skincare can be resumed the following day. Results can last three to four months. AQUAGOLD® Fine Touch is an ideal treatment to have 7-10 days or so before a special event – when you want to look your best – naturally.

DERMALUX Photodynamic Therapy

Light based therapies for skin rejuvenation, fit fo all skin-types, is a “no hand” treatment, with no pain and can be done all year around.
Dermalux instantly energises skin cells to revitalise a dull and tired complexion. A course of treatment offers long lasting results, stimulating the skin’s natural rejuvenation and repair processes to promote healthy looking skin, accelerate cell renewal and resolve a range of skin concerns like:

• Treats acne and pores
• Stimulate collagen and elastin synthesis
• Reduce fine lines
• Improve complexion,texture and tone
• Increase natural hydration
• Stimulate circulation and lymphatic system
• Revitalise and restore radiance
• Happy Light, relax and well beeing