PRP, iPRF ……, what?

PRP, iPRF ……, what?

You may have seen or heard the abbreviation PRP, but you probably have no idea what it means! A PRP treatment is also referred to as Dracula treatment because you are taking a blood test. The blood is injected back after a spin in a centrifuge, just somewhere else, such as in your wrinkles.

The letters represent Platelet Rich Plasma, but it’s probably still Greek for you anyway. The platelet means platelets, while plasma is left of the blood when blood cells are removed. Thus, a bloodstream rich in platelets, and this fluid is obtained by centrifuging the blood in a particular machine. Platelets, also called platelets, are what make the blood coagulate. PRP contains growth factors and stem cells that can replace broken cells and tissues. That is why it has been so popular to use PRP over the last 10 years on everything from treating bad joints and wounds that will not heal by themselves, to wrinkles and scars.


In recent years, a lot of research has been done on stem cell treatment, and PRP has now moved on to iPRF – Injectable Platelet Rich Fibrin!


The raw material, ie your blood, is exactly the same. The difference between the abbreviations is that the blood is centrifuged a little differently so that you are left with a component of your blood, fibrin! Fibrin is a protein and it is very strong. In fact, so strong that you can not just pull it apart if you should get it! Thus, the iPRF is even stronger and more durable than PRP. Because of its consistency, it also gives more volume to, for example, a sunken cheek.

Regenerative uses only iPRF for treatment of aging skin, hair loss and badjoints.

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