The latest and definitively very effective stem cell treatment for advanced arthrosis and painful joints is ADSC (Adipose-Derived Stem Cells). A highly concentrated elixir of stem cells is harvested from the patient’s own abdominal fat. A single treatment results in a very significant improvement in function and reduction of pain.

When weight-bearing joints are affected by pain, day-to-day function, mobility and life quality are significantly reduced. ADSC has been shown to both reduce pain and regenerate the affected joint. Yes – it actually results in new healthy tissue growing because of the injection of stem cells harvested from the patients own lower abdominal fat. Abdominal fat contains high numbers of the stem cells with this regenerative potential. A special sequence of filtrations allows the production of a super-high concentration of these cells to be injected into the joint space. Scientific studies have documented that this is a safe simple EFFECTIVE treatment for painful damaged joints.

Please take a look at our bibliography for «health care workers» under the «Concept» tab. A SINGLE treatment with ADSC results in a significant reduction in joint pain and improvement in function. Regenerative is proud to be able to offer this innovative, effective treatment to our patients. Take a look at our blog on our first ADSC patient’s treatment procedure and his comments on the effects afterward.