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Regenerative offers 2 stem cell-based treatment options; iPRF (injectable Platelet Rich Fibrin) where we use fibrin form your own blood, and ADSC (Adipose-Derived Stem Cells) where we harvest stem cells from fat tissue. Both treatments have good scientific research, but there are some differences regarding the procedure, effect and durability.

iPRF treatments of painful joints

iPRF treatments of painful joints are optimal and preventive for those patients with mild to moderate conditions, so early diagnosis and treatment is an advantage. This will delay and to some extent limit the development of more serious arthrosis. Several scientific studies have shown significant improvement ranging from 50-90% pain-free after treatments with iPRF.
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ADSC «Adipose Derived Stem Cells»

The latest and definitively very effective stem cell treatment for advanced arthrosis and painful joints is ADSC (Adipose-Derived Stem Cells). A highly concentrated elixir of stem cells is harvested from the patient’s own abdominal fat. A single treatment results in a very significant improvement in function and reduction of pain.
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Diagnostics are done clinically at your consultation in conjunction with X rays or MRI pictures. We recommend that the x-rays or MRIs are done prior to your consultation. In many cases a report from your radiographic doctor confirming and describing the degree and diagnosis of arthrosis is sufficient. Your X-ray/ MRI scans can be copied onto a memory stick or CD-rom and brought to your consultation. If you have not had an X-ray or MRI examination we can arrange a referral to your local hospital or an X-ray institute near you for the relevant pictures to be taken before your consultation.
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