The treatment known as PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) was developed about 10 years ago. The advantage of this treatment was that it was both anti-inflammatory and that it stimulated cells to repair the damaged tissue. This original technique has now been further developed and is replaced by iPRF. This 2nd generation treatment results in a higher, more enduring concentration of the growth factors and stem cells in the damaged joint and hence a better effect.

iPRF is an abbreviation for «Injectable Platelet Rich Fibrin», which is a mainstay of Regenerative treatments. The IPRF is extracted from the blood by a very specific centrifuging process. The serum/plasma elixir that is separated from the whole blood contains the vital growth factors, cytokines and some stem cells that are vital for the renewal, regenerative process. The fibrin component in the iPRF binds the elixir in place longer for it to have more effect.

Normally it is necessary for 4-6 iPRF treatments with approximately 2-week intervals. The treatments do not have any «downtime», just mild discomfort on the day of the treatment. Each treatment results in a progressive improvement of the symptoms.

We recommend iPRF treatments for the following conditions:

Arthrosis: Shoulder, Knees, hip and ankle. (Ask us about smaller joints eg in the hand)
Tendonitis/ligament pain: Achilles tendonitis, Shoulder, Tennis elbow, Jumper’s knee etc.