For healthcare workers

Please find here a bibliography of scientific documentation related to the treatments offered by Regenerative.

The doctors working at Regenerative are consultants with specialist experience in orthopedics and pain management.
Below you will find a broad selection of scientific publications ( Medline), documenting the use of PRP, iPRF and ADSC



The treatment of joint pain/arthrosis and tendon pain by Regenerative aims to improve function, reduce pain and help regenerate the damaged tissues in the affected joints. The techniques and diagnostics used are based on scientific principles that are well documented in the medical literature. Regenerative treatment for orthopedic patients does not use any synthetic or pharmacological preparations to achieve the healing effects. The treatments are effective as they are based upon the production and use of high concentrations of growth factors, pain reducing proteins and stem cells from the patients own blood or fatty tissue. This “elixir” is injected into the joints under controlled conditions with regulated intervals to achieve the desired relief.