Blood is collected and the iPRF concentrate is produced. The iPRF is injected into the lips to create volume and stimulate cell renewal.

Fine lines around the mouth are injected with iPRF to soften their appearance. Some slight bruising may persist for a day or so. Using your own blood, there will be no allergic reaction, clogged veins or necrosis. We take a blood test, centrifuge it to obtain the rich fibrin, that we will use to fill the fine lines and to add volume if desired.

Since the patient collagen reactivates, the effect can last from one to two years. This is possible because the cytokines, growthfactors and the stem cells will continue to produce collagen long after the first injection. If appropriate a few drops of local anaesthetic are injected into the lips so that the iPRF injections are not painful. The local anaesthetic is effective for 30-60 minutes.

Lip treatment with iPRF – kr 2.500,-